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SL No. Company Product
1 Birla Corporation Limited Jute, Carbide, Cement, Gases, Man-made Fibres.
2 Universal Cables Limited LV, MV and EHV Power Cables,Control & Instrumentation Cables, Elastomeric Cables, Power Capacitors and Optical Fibre.
3 Vindhya Telelinks Limited Copper and Optical Telecommunication Cables.
4 Birla Ericsson Optical Limited Copper and Optical Telecommunication Cables.
5 Hindustan Gum & Chemicals Limited Guar Gum and allied products
6 Birla-DLW Limited Linoleum Floor Covering
7 Birla Furukawa Fiber Optics Limited Optical Fibre & allied products
Some of the Other Companies, Trusts and Investment Companies under the Group
SL No. Company  
1. Mazbat Tea Estate Ltd. 9. Express Dairy Co.Ltd.
2. Baroda Agents & Trading Co.Pvt Ltd. 10. Gwalior Webbing Co.Pvt.Ltd.
3. Belle Vue Clinic 11. M.P.Birla Institute of Fundamental Research.
4. Birla Financial Corporation Ltd. 12. Priyamvada Birla Arvind Eye Hospital
5. Bombay Hospital Trust & Medical Research Institute 13. Priyamvada Birla Cancer Research Institute
6. East India Investment Co.Pvt Ltd. 14. M.P.Birla Eye Clinic
7. Eastern Economist Ltd. 15. Seva Nidhi Trust
8. The Punjab Produce & Trading Co. Pvt Ltd. 16. Varunendra Trading & Agents Pvt. Ltd.
Home Business Enquiry Sitemap
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