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Harmonic Filters
High Voltage Harmonic Filters Bank
Above picture shown is the 66 KV class Harmonic Filters bank for harmonic suppression in the system. These filter banks are designed to absorb specific harmonics (3rd , 5th, 7th, 11th, 13th. …Higher orders) from the system and thereby reducing the THD of the system apart from improving the power factor. Such banks are available from 3.3 KV to 132KV systems. We have supplied a lot many HV filter banks to steel plants / cement industries / chemical & Fertilizer industries in India and abroad.
LV Harmonic Filter Reactor
Tuned and Detuned three-phase filter reactors for non linear (Harmonics Generating) Loads to be used along with capacitors.
CPRI Type tested as per IS-5553
High resistance to harmonics
Very low losses
High linearity to avoid choke tilt
Low noise
Simple mounting
Long useful life
Temperature protection (Thermal Operated Switch)
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