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Low Voltage Capacitors
LT –All-PP Capacitor unit: Capacitor units are manufactured in the range of 5KVAr to 200KVAr in the voltage range of 110 V to 1000Volts. Capacitor banks (220 Volts to 440V / 1000V) are formed by series parallel combination of these units connected in various formations depending upon customer’s requirement / applications and applicable protection schemes. Bare capacitor units are used inside the automatic PF correction panels. Capacitors are type tested as per IEC / ISS (IS-13585/1994) in CRPI /ERDA Laboratory.

Photograph Of Bank

LT Bank: Typical arrangement shown for LT capacitor bank is floor mounting type cubicle arrangement with IP-42 protection class completely enclosed used in chemical industries / paper industries. This design offer complete enclosure for all the live parts like, terminals, bus bar, cable termination chamber.

LV Capacitor Bank with SFU and Ammeter

LT Bank in cubicle with switchgears: Typical arrangement for LT banks supplied to BEST Bombay. These are small LT Capacitor panel shaped arrangement are fitted with switching device along with LT capacitors. There is provision for current monitoring by ampere meter provided on the panel. Back-up protection can be provided by external HRC fuses A/W switch unit.

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