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Harmonic Filters
Technical Information
Filters banks are designed after detailed harmonic study of the system and based on the specific requirement of the customers. We are also conducting harmonic studies / system studies for designing of the HV harmonic filters.
Technical Data of UNISTAR Reactors (LV- Filter reactors)
Frequency 50 Hz
Voltage 415 V 600Volts (Other voltages upon request)
Output 5 to 250 kvar (other ratings upon request)
Detuning 5.4%, 6%, 7% & 14%
Cooling Air Natural (AN)
Ambient temperature 40°C
Class of protection I
Enclosure IP-00
Thermal stress Ith = 1.05 X Irms
Linearity I lin = 1.2 ( I1+ I3 + I5 + I7)
Temperature protection Micro switch
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