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XLPE Cables
Extra High Voltage Cables
UNIVERSAL CABLES LTD, the pioneer of XLPE cables in India, manufactures Extra High Voltage (EHV) XLPE cables in the range of 66-220 kV using ‘Vertical Continuous Vulcanising’ (VCV) technology in technical collaboration with World Leader in Cable manufacturing, FURUKAWA ELECTRIC CO. LTD.  (In association with VISCAS Corporation, Japan).  This technology for EHV XLPE Cable manufacturing process is the only of its kind in the Country.

EHV Underground Power Transmission is the solution for meeting today’s growing power demand of the power starved Metro Cities. Underground Power Transmission System requires highest reliability to ensure uninterrupted power supply.

Unistar EHV cable, manufactured using VCV technology with proven know-how from FURUKAWA ELECTRIC CO. LTD and also having in-house engineering expertise for system designing, cable jointing and installation, can guarantee this requirement.
The main cutting edge features of this technology as True simultaneous triple extrusion with single (common) cross-head, Dry cure dry cooled process, Dimensional accuracy for perfect geometry with Zero eccentricity/ ovality of the insulation, Class 1000 cleanliness level with completely closed material handling system, Online X-Ray monitoring system, Direct gravitational feeding of XLPE compound, Control and Monitoring in production process using SCADA, all add up to unmatched quality standard to ensure reliable and efficient performance of the cable throughout its service life.
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