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Research & Development
Recognized by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research of the Government of India.
The R&D programme is aimed at applied research for product and process development and technological up-gradation.
In House Product Development
Flexible Elastomeric Cables for wind turbine generator
High Temperature thin walled flexible elastomeric cable for rolling stock applications
Insulated cadmium catenary conductor used under overline structure in 25 kV AC TRACTION
High Temperature traction Motor Lead Wires
Zero Halozen Low Smoke fire survival cables for metro coaches and Indian Navy
High Stress Low Voltage capacitors
Mixed Dielectric power capacitors with nontoxic impregnant
High Voltage all polypropylene film power capacitors
Water Cooled high frequency capacitors for electric furnace
Quality Evaluation & Raw Materials
Performing all the tests on Raw Materials.
Sourcing raw materials from reputed make : Borealis, Dow, Dupont, DSM, Lanxess, Mitsui, Shin Etsu, Lawson, Mitsubishi etc.
Laboratory equipments with latest for conducting tests as per IS, IEC and other international specification.
High voltage and partial discharge testing (650 kV) and impulse test (2400kV) equipments for testing 400kV Cables.
Quality Certification by Independent Agencies
Complete Type Testing by CPRI, Bangalore and ERDA, Vadodara, and CMRS, Dhanbad on our following product samples :
PVC Cables : IS : 1554 (Part : I & II) 1.1 kV, 3.3 kV, 6.6 kV & 11 kV
XLPE Cables : IS : 7098 (Part - I) 1.1 kV (E)
XLPE Cables : IS : 7098 (Part - II) 3.3 kV, 11KV, 22 kV & 33 kV
XLPE Cables : ISC : 60502 (Part - I, Part - II) upto 30 kV
EHV XLPE Cables : IEC - 60840, IEC 62067, 66 kV to 400 kV
Elastomer Cables : IS : 9968 (Part I & II) 1.1 kV, 3.3 KV, 6.6 kV & 11 kV
HT & LT Capacitors : IS : 13985 & IS : 13585
Test Equipments (Physical And Chemical)
Tensile Testing Machine : Instron Ltd.Uk
Thermo Gravimetric Analyser : T.A. Instruments USA
Differential Scanning Calorimeter : T.A. Instruments USA
Rheometer : Monsanto Ltd. U.K.
Ozone Concentration Test Equipment : Gorden Solution India
Escr Test Chember : Davenport Ltd. Uk
Ultra Low Temp Cabinet : Revco USA
Accelerated Weathering Tester : Q Panel Co USA
Infrared Spectrometer : Perkin Elmer USA
Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer : Perkin Elmer USA
High Performance Liquid Chromatograph : Perkin Elmer USA
Atomic Absorption Spectrometer : Perkin Elmer USA
Cold Elongation Test Apparatus : Lab Tech India
Multi Cell Air Oven : Wallace UK
Air Oven : Barlow Whitney UK
Frls / Lszh Test Facility
Oxygen Index Test Equipment : Stanton Red-Croft UK
Halogen Acid Gas Evoluation Test Set : S.A.Associate India
Swedish Chimney Test Set : Self Fabricated
Flammability Test Set : Sew India
Smoke Density Test Chamber : Ceast Italy
Vertical Flame Test Apparatus : Yarsaley UK
Toxicity Index Test Set : Fire Testing Equipment UK
Environmental Test Facility
Organic Vapour Sampler : Enviotech Centre India
Respirable Dust Sampler : Envirotech Centre India
Stack Sampler : Enviotech Centre India
Test Equipments (Electrical Testing)
80 kV,800 kVA Series Resonance Test Set : Hipotronics Inc. USA
300 kV,3500 kVA Series Resonance Test Set : Hipotronics Inc USA
100 kV,1000 kVA Series Resonance Test Set : Dielect China
650 kV,19500 kVA Series Resonance Test Set : Hipotronics Inc USA
300 kV DC High Voltage Test Set : Hipotronics Inc USA
40 kV DC High Voltage Test Set : Bicco Test UK
50 kV AC Breakdown Tester : Backman Instruments Inc. USA
100 kV,250 Pc Partial Discharge Detector : Hipotronics Inc.USA
Pulse Discrimination Type P. D. Detector : Hafley Switzerland
300 kV 250 Pc Partial Discharge Detector : Hipotronics Inc. USA
1000 kV,25 KJ Impulse Generator : Hipotronics Inc USA
2400 kV, 120 KJ Impulse Generator : Hafley Switzerland
5 Hz To 13 Mhz Impedance Analyser : Hewlett Packard USA
300 Khz To 3 Ghz Networks Analyser : Hewlett Packard USA
65 kV DC Impulse Type Fault Locator Cum HV Tester (Thumper) : Biddle Instruments USA
300 kV Schering Bridge : Tettex Instrument Switzerland
Test Equipments
Network Analyzer
Halogen Acid Gas Equipment
Automatic Capacitor Winding Machine
FTIR (Polymer Identification)
Tensile Testing Machines
Atomic Absorption Spectrometer for Metal Analysis
650 KV 19500 KVA Series Resonance Test Set
2400 KV 120 Kj Impulse Test Set
Oxygen Index Test Equipment
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