Universal Cables Limited


Automatic Power Factor
Correction (APFC) Panels



Unistar Brand Automatic Power factor Control & Relay panels are supplied in the voltage range of 100 VAC to 11 KVAC. KVAR of Capacitor varies from 100 to 2000, depending of Electrical system requirement of customers. The Panel consists of Power Factor Controller, Switchgears, Capacitors, Reactors, Meters, lamps etc. UCL has been supplying these Panels all over India to all types of Industries, Buildings, Electric companies, and Govt. departments etc., for more than a decade. The Panels are provided with heavy duty All- Polypropylene Capacitors. Panels are type tested at CPRI, Bhopal.




Product Range

Basic Systems: Panels with capacitors / Panels with Detuned filters / Panels with tuned filters.

Ratings: 25 KVAR to 2000 KVAR in single module –multi steps as per customers’ specs / system’s requirement


Technical Information

APFC Panels are provided with most reliable APP type* Heavy-duty power capacitors confirming to IS: 13585(1994) /IEC-60931 & long lasting switchgears/components of reputed makes.

Application based system configuration with multi–bank capacitors, microprocessors, protection & safety device.

System selection based on load and operational analysis.

Proper selection of components to achieve uninterrupted cohesive operation.

System switching either with power contactor/ Capacitor duty contactor OR Thyristorised module with necessary protections.

Wide ranges available from 25 KVAR to 2000 KVAR in single module. Multi module construction for higher ratings.

Microprocessor based digital controllers with computer compatibility (Optional).

Self-adaptable for extremely fluctuating loads.

Earlier there was only IS:2834/1986 & IEC –831 for all HT/LT Capacitors.



UCL has discontinued MPP Capacitors (IS-13340/IEC-831) due to self-healing tendency i.e. deterioration in capacitance & poor field performances of MPP Technology in Indian conditions/Polluted electrical environments.



Cement plants, Induction Heating, Induction Melting, Drives, Rolling Mills, Windmills, Traction & Welding industries.

Pumping stations, Sewages and Water treatment Plants, Air-conditioning plant Diamond industries, Process Houses, Weaving Industries, Embroidery Industries, Plastic Extruders etc.

Call Centers, Hotel Industries, Commercial complex, Multiplex Theatres, IT Industries, Hospitals etc.