Universal Cables Limited


EPC Division






UCL undertake the complete solution package for Underground Power Transmission involving system design, supply of cables, cable jointing and termination, laying, installation and commissioning. UCL have specialized cable jointers with expertise and long experience upto 220 kV class cables.

UCL offers its know-how on specialized underground cable projects with most efficient and cost effective solution.


Cable Monitoring System (CMS)

On demand, UCL can provide Cable Monitoring System using Distributed Temperature Sensor (DTS) system and offers complete package including installation and commissioning, training and maintenance.

DTS System, using Optic Fibre Cables is recognised world over as the most reliable technology for monitoring optimal power transmission and distribution in Power Cable System and its protection. This system enables the user to monitor and record the Real Time Temperature profile of the entire power route and avoid development of “hot spots” and situation leading to ‘thermal run away” of cable and its joints.


  • DTS system measures temperature either by using optic fibre cable embedded with the power cable or an external optical fibre cable running along the length of power cable.
  • Continuous temperature profile using a single optical fibre as the sensing element
  • Sensor length up to many kilometres
  • Monitor thousands of points in seconds