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Low Voltage Cables


Low Voltage XLPE cables, besides being ideal for general-purpose application, are especially advantageous for use in steel plants, power station wiring, and chemical plants, under water wiring, mines for power distribution, control and instrumentation circuits.

Type of Cable Number of cores Cross Sectional Area (sqmm) Specification
Power Cables Single Core
Multi Core
4 to 1000
4 to 630
IS 7098 Part I
IS 7098 Part I
Control Cables Multi Core 1.5 & 2.5 IS 7098 Part I
Mining Cables Multi Core 16 to 630 IS 7098 Part I
Instrumentation Cables Multi Core, Multi Pair, Multi Traid 0.5 to 2.5 Tailor made to customer requirements

Cables with improved fire performance characteristics are also available. The sheath of these cables shall be specially formulated to meet the requirements of flame retardance (FR) or Flame retardance with reduced halogen evolution and Low Smoke (FRLS)