Universal Cables Limited


Elastomeric Cables


UCL elastomeric cables are manufactured to Indian and International specifications and also tailor made to customer’s own specifications from low voltage to 33 KV grade. The range of application spreads from Power, control & composite cables for trailing, ship wiring and Defense use to mining cables for land line, LHD & SDL machines, Drills, Coal cutters, Stacker-Reclaimers and earth moving equipments. Silicon rubber cables are manufactured for high temperature locations. Special power & control cables for oil rigs, traction motors, brush gear connectors, tap changers for EMU’s, AC coaches and wind energy generators. The fire survival type elastomeric cables are used for circuit integrity during fire hazards.

Type of Cable Voltage Grade Cross Sectional Area (Sq.mm) Specification
General Wiring, Control and Power distribution 1.1 to 33 kV 1 to 630 for LT 16-630 for HT IS:9968(Part I and II)
IEC 60502(Part I and II)
Railway Electrification and Coach wiring 300V to 3000V 0.5 to 630 DLW-DEL/SPN/129
RDSO/E-14/01(Part I&II)
High Temprature Fluro Elastomeric cables & Lead wires 1500 V 50 to 250 RDSO MP.
Hitachi 10W 702-362
BHEL Specn TM 88072
Ship Wiring 440V to 1000 V 1 to 630 DGS-211,
NES 526,
Thin Walled Cable for coach wiring 3 kV
3 & 4 kV
1.5-150 - 3 kV
10-150 - 4 kV
Fire Survival Cables 1.1 kV to 1.5 kV 10-300 IS:9968 Part I
Mining and Land Line Cables 1.1 kV to 11 kV 2.5-300 IS:14494
High Temperature Silicon Cables 1.1 KV to 11 kV 1 to 630 IS:9968(Part I )
BS-6007, BS-6195,
DGS-211, NES-527
Wind Energy Cables 1.1kV 10-300 IS:9968 Part I
Oil Rig Cables 1.1kV 1.5-50 BHEL: OR-12002
BHEL: OR-12003
BHEL : OR-12005
Insulated Cadmium Catenary Cables for electric traction 25 kV AC 19/2.10 mm Indian Railway Specification (ETI/OHE/75)
Welding Cables 16-95 IS: 9857
Radiation resistant Cables 1.1 kV to 11 kV 1 to 630 for LT
16t to 630 for HT
IS:9968 (Part I & II)
Radar Cable 1.1 kV 16 Defense Specification